The German way is not our way

Nations like Italy and France are frozen in a dangerously flat economic status, without, it seems, any idea how to get out of it. I mean, there are two main possible paths to follow. One, already taken by Nations like Spain which closely follows the philosophy of austerity, internal devaluation and pro-export foreign policy dictated by the European bureaucrats, and the other, “enemy of the … Continua a leggere The German way is not our way

Letter to the European left

A new (and only) socialist and left-wing political party in Italy to strengthen the European left. We all live in societies guided by strong economic and financial interests. Our European Union has turned out very differently from what we would have liked to experience. Moreover, year after year, we lose our struggle against the European establishment which doesn’t envision a “democratic” union among our nations … Continua a leggere Letter to the European left