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What is socialism?
“(…) a system of society based upon the common ownership and democratic control of the means and instruments for producing and distributing wealth by and in the interest of the whole community”. The Socialist Party of Great Britain” (SPGB) – 1904


Convergenza Socialista is a socialist political Party born from the ashes of Italian Socialism. We are sure that the neoliberal system is the cause for the excruciating economic and social crisis, which are affecting greatly our time, in all continents of our world. We are socialist and we believe that the neoliberal system must be overcome with socialist policies. Our mission is to contribute to the construction of the political alternative to the neoliberal system, in Italy, internationally and wordlwide.

Introduction – The political Party

Convergenza Socialista (‘Socialist Convergence’ in English) is a new socialist political Party of Italy, which is growing and needs your help to expand its political platform worldwide and therefore achieve precise political goals. We deeply think that socialism is the future of humanity. It is our belief that it is necessary to construct a unique, worldwide, socialist political platform to strategically overcome the globalized, multinational and transnational capitalistic framework.



State of the art in the world 

We could say that, today, we are struggling against political financial dictatorships whose selfish implications are in constant acceleration.
It has been clear since the last subprime mortgage crisis how the world was under attack from a small but powerful financial elite which greatly influences politics and, using accommodating politics, shapes economic and social policies towards wilder, antisocial forms which have as their core more widespread privatization and accelerating sale of public properties.

The struggle today is between the people and the élite. The 99% against the 1%.

People vs elite
People vs elite

The 99% made up of men and women, the peoples of the world, segregated in a national context with national policies and, therefore, localized. The 99 % of the population. The 1 %, instead, made up of the richest with enormous access of big capital whose globalization of banking and financial processes has produced a transnational convergence able to regulate itself, bypassing the various national rules and weak international rules. The remaining 1%.

62 people own as much as the poorest half of the world’s population.

62 people own half of the world's population
62 people own half of the world’s population

Socialism is strategic planning which must expand to be truly effective and to have a real grip in terms of balance of power, in a world irreversibly globalized by the neoliberal system. If the neoliberal doctrine has succeeded in becoming dominant in the whole world, democratic socialism must do the same to have the opportunity to be the political and economic alternative.

Constructing ‘Convergenza Socialista Worldwide’ is then a priority. Constructing ‘Convergenza Socialista USA’, ‘Convergenza Socialista UK’, ‘Convergenza Socialista Russia’, etc, anywhere it is possible under one unique political platform coordinated by ‘Convergenza Socialista Worldwide’ is the only way to proceed. Socialist political parties are divided when they need to address international problems. They mostly think about national policies. We, instead, must address globalized issues since the economic and political struggles are worldwide.

Our way forward

We must, nevertheless, make an extra effort. We must converge on a common political platform with the purpose to revive socialism at a global scale.

Carry your world under your arm

Carry your world under your arm
Carry your world under your arm

We have in mind a sort of coordination at a global level called ‘Convergenza Socialista Worldwide’. Its purpose would be to coordinate and incentive the creation of ‘Convergenza Socialista’ political parties across all nations. There will be a unique Statute and political platform to be flown down to the ‘Convergenza Socialista’ of the different Nations. ‘Convergenza Socialista Worldwide’ will take care of the organization of an annual meeting, rotating in each of the continents, which will allow all of us to proceed quickly towards the internationalism of socialism, with the creation of working committees having the goal to sharpen our socialist policies. Policies alternative to the ones developed in the meetings of the globalized elite.

Today the balance of power between the neoliberal and the socialist camp is very unbalanced. And this is due to the fragmentation within national boundaries, in some cases continental boundaries, of the socialist, progressive and leftist organizations which must confront a neoliberal power which has developed a clear, homogeneous and globalized political and economic platform. We, instead, are untied , politically heterogeneous, and we think it’s time to start our own process of homogenization of socialism, on global scale, on a unique political platform.

Our own proposal on the world. The ‘globalization of socialism’ will be the purpose of ‘Convergenza Socialista Worldwide’. Along, at least, five strategic directions:

On the economic front, we have to reverse course regarding the massive privatisations, which in the last decades have caused enormous damage around the world. Whatever is of public interest shall be public. We are referring to natural resources, basic services including the banking system.
Nationalization must be a political point back to the table of worldwide economic platform. Another aspect regards the monetary policy that shall be restored as a ‘public service’, managed by a public entity. Not certainly managed by private Central Banks.

On the social front, full and fair redistribution of wealth.

On the political front, improve the quality of democracies by expanding representativeness, involvement, and participation of the people of all social classes. Not marginalize anyone, not leaving anyone behind.

On the mass media/information front. The fourth issue has to do with the enormous and accelerating concentration of information in few hands which distorts the truth, often falsifies it, for special interests. It is a global issue that must be treated globally.

On the geopolitical front. We want worldwide peace. To achieve that we need a multipolar world in which international law is fully implemented and respected. No more ‘policeman of the world’ from anyone. Moreover, the military industry must be cut down sensibly around the world and the resources spent in weapons of any kind re-addressed to solidarities towards those in need and world peace actions.

It is clear, therefore, the need for a broad internationalism of socialism which must serve the people of the world on a specific political and economic alternative platform to be able to fight politically the globalized neoliberal system.

Support ‘Convergenza Socialista’. Become part of our political mission worldwide.

Convergenza Socialista
Convergenza Socialista

What you can do for Convergenza Socialista

· Become member of ‘Convergenza Socialista’ (Socialist Convergence in English):
· Expand our reach by opening a branch of ‘Convergenza Socialista’ in your city. Toward the creation of ‘Convergenza Socialista’ in your Country
· Tell your friends and contacts about ‘Convergenza Socialista Wordwide’. Discuss and make them part of the political Party
· Launch political events to promote the visibility and the growth of the Party. Organize political events in cities and towns, produce advertisement for regional and national newspapers and televisions
· Make ‘Convergenza Socialista’ visible through the social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)
· Bring forward those left behind. You can be part of our political mission around the world

The website, the manifesto, the statute and the political platform of ‘Socialist Convergence Worldwide’ are going to be ready shortly. In the meantime, spread the word.

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