Russia sanctions. We continue fighting the European junk

Dear Russia, just cut the gas supply to Europe. European establishment is no friend to you, not even a reliable partner. Unfortunately we have got a bunch of junk in the European government.

EU leaders have officially confirmed a decision to extend sanctions against Russia over Crimea and Eastern Ukraine for another six months.

This ridiculous ballet of the European establishment that by no means represents the European people continues in disgrace. Instead of looking at the European people’s interests, the European establishment looks elsewhere, at the other side of the Atlantic.

Nevertheless, we will continue fighting the European establishment until people like Tusk, Juncker, etc, will be out of the way, retired for good, taking most probably a big job in some multinational company, like Barroso has done.

We are totally opposed to any further sanctions against Russia. We believe today we live in a multipolar world and the only thing European Union shall do is to finally grow up and become an autonomous player on the geopolitical stage.