Letter to the European left

A new (and only) socialist and left-wing political party in Italy to strengthen the European left.

We all live in societies guided by strong economic and financial interests. Our European Union has turned out very differently from what we would have liked to experience. Moreover, year after year, we lose our struggle against the European establishment which doesn’t envision a “democratic” union among our nations and our people in a reasonable time.

We want a “new social state”.

Our common experience is just made of a common currency. Nothing else.

The left, the European left,  is powerless in front of decisions made by others which prefer that we, the European people, start the unification process from the currency, the banking system, the fiscal structure and, at last, the way we shall decide and govern ourselves. We all know that we should have started the unification of Europe by “uniting” its people, building common democratic institutions and merging our cultures. We are losing our battle. Moreover, we are losing our battle against the European financial and economical establishment which professes austerity, flexibility in the job market and internal devaluation.

In Italy the situation is far less optimistic compared to other Nations which do have reasonable strong left political parties. Italy doesn’t have a socialist party which sets itself on the left, in Italy and in Europe as well. Whatever is left of the Italian Socialist Party lies, today, very next to the Democratic Party, without any political autonomy and without any will to revive what socialism once was. The only hope for the weak, the poor and the indigent.

These are, in short, the reasons why several socialists, including myself as ex-member of the National Council of the Italian Socialist Party, have decided to constitute a left-wing socialist party called “Socialist Convergence” (Convergenza Socialista). Politically immerged on the left, for the left. In Italy and in Europe to revive what socialism once was.

Consider “Socialist Convergence” as a future political partner.